Dawid Tomala has made a significant contribution to the Olympian Mind Course by KODING NEXT by sharing his personal experiences as an Olympic champion.

KODING NEXT, a leading educational institution in Indonesia, has unveiled an extraordinary collaboration with Dawid Tomala, the Gold Medalist of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Simultaneously, KODING NEXT celebrated its 7th anniversary, marking a journey filled with remarkable achievements.

Dawid Tomala, a distinguished athlete from Poland, captured global attention with his remarkable performance in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, clinching a gold medal in the 50-kilometer racewalk. Beyond his personal victory, Tomala has become an inspiration to countless individuals worldwide. He underscores the significance of possessing a champion's mentality and the courage to confront life's challenges head-on.

This collaboration represents KODING NEXT's unwavering commitment to providing comprehensive education aimed at shaping the character of young minds. Bartek Wasik, the founder of KODING NEXT, expressed, "We are incredibly proud to join forces with Dawid Tomala to create Olympian Mind. This collaboration is a tangible testament to our dedication to providing all-encompassing education to children and teenagers, a first step in guiding them towards success and nurturing future leaders with the courage and creativity to conquer any obstacle."

Dawid Tomala has played a pivotal role in shaping Olympian Mind. By sharing his personal experiences as an Olympic champion, he has contributed significantly to this online course. It equips children and teenagers with essential skills, such as discovering their passions, setting robust goals, maintaining enthusiasm when facing challenges, working effectively in teams, and honing their problem-solving abilities. The course offers invaluable insights into how they can become champions in their own lives.

The Olympian Mind course is set to launch by the end of October 2023, providing an interactive learning platform featuring practical exercises, interactive worksheets, and a final project designed to enhance students' understanding. Bartek Wasik hopes that students will derive inspiration and essential life lessons from Dawid Tomala's success, along with the crucial message that "there are no limits to the sky if we believe in ourselves and work hard. We can achieve great things."

Wasik also emphasizes the importance of instilling self-confidence among Indonesian youth, acknowledging the abundance of talent, hardworking individuals, and creative minds in the country. He is committed to fostering the belief that they can achieve greatness.

In addition to this remarkable collaboration, KODING NEXT marked its 7th anniversary with a remarkable journey that has transformed programming education in Indonesia. Established in 2017, KODING NEXT has achieved historic milestones, reaching over 15,000 courses sold to individuals passionate about mastering programming. They have expanded to 20 locations and forged close collaborations with more than 50 schools across Indonesia.

KODING NEXT's vision is to provide individuals with the opportunity to master technology comprehensively. They continue to innovate, embrace experimentation, and offer educational programs suitable for both beginners and those looking to hone their existing skills. Additionally, they are committed to empowering the less fortunate through their CSR projects.

KODING NEXT has become the first school in Indonesia officially affiliated with Roblox, a popular online gaming platform. They successfully collaborated with the Indonesian Ministry of Communication to train over 2,000 Indonesian teachers in programming instruction and partnered with the Ministry of Education to train talented students in the country.

With over 50 different programming and technology courses, supported by 130 talented employees in Indonesia, KODING NEXT is also the only programming school in Southeast Asia collaborating with Singapore's Marshal Cavendish publishers to provide online programming courses sold in over 20 countries.

The institution stands out as the first school in Indonesia to teach programming to children as young as 4 years old, introducing innovative courses such as Augmented Reality, Cybersecurity, and the Olympian Mindset to Indonesian teenagers.

KODING NEXT's commitment to nurturing champions extends beyond the realm of programming, aiming to instill a winning mindset in every aspect of life. As they continue to lead the way in programming education, they prepare the next generation to master the digital world and emerge as champions.

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