Dive into Indonesia's Jamu Culture at Ayana Farm Bali's Traditional Herbal Workshops

Ayana Estate hosted a special event at Ayana Farm in Bali, Indonesia in July 2023. They collaborated with The Jamu BAR, representing the fourth generation of Nyonya Meneer, to shine a spotlight on Indonesia's time-honored jamu culture, renowned for its holistic health benefits. Every Tuesday and Thursday, they conducted workshops on Traditional Herbal Remedies, offering participants the chance to explore and concoct traditional Indonesian jamu using over 130 plant varieties grown at Ayana Farm's living pharmacy. These jamu recipes were customized to cater to individual wellness needs.

Jamu, deeply ingrained in Indonesian culture since the 13th century, finds historical evidence in the Borobudur Temple reliefs in Central Java. Despite its evolution over time, jamu remains a pivotal component in safeguarding the holistic well-being of Indonesian society. For over seven centuries, jamu has seamlessly woven itself into daily life, promoting better digestion, fortifying immunity, reducing inflammation, and contributing to overall health and vitality. On its enduring journey, jamu has evolved into a significant symbol of self-care and physical well-being in Indonesia.

General Manager of Ayana Estate, Giordano Faggioli, expressed that through these workshops, they invite guests to enhance their well-being while safeguarding Indonesia's seven-century-old health heritage. The workshops are led by female staff from The Jamu BAR, founded by Vanessa Kalani, a descendant of Nyonya Meneer's founder, Lau Ping Nio. Vanessa is carrying forward her great-grandmother's legacy by modernizing jamu through ready-to-drink products and workshops at Ayana Farm.

The workshops commence with the creation of empon-empon jamu, a blend of turmeric, ginger, galangal, and lemongrass. Participants are then free to choose from seven recipes tailored to their wellness objectives, including options for radiant skin, enhanced memory, an active lifestyle, and even deepening intimacy with a partner.

In addition to crafting jamu, these workshops also encourage participants to make traditional Indonesian skincare products such as boreh and lulur. Boreh, renowned for its cleansing properties, eliminates dead skin cells and alleviates muscle tension. Meanwhile, lulur, a herbal body scrub infused with medicinal herbs and spices, employs rice powder, rich in antioxidants, to brighten the skin. Additional ingredients like betel leaves, cloves, and candlenut offer antibacterial, anti-inflammatory benefits, and skin hydration.

For guests interested in continuing these traditional health practices at home, they can take home the skincare products they create during the workshop, along with recipe books for future reference.

Giordano concludes by expressing their hope that these workshops provide guests with a profound connection to tradition and sustainability. This initiative plays a pivotal role in preserving and celebrating Indonesia's jamu culture, renowned for its holistic health advantages.

The workshops are available for IDR 800,000++ per person and welcome participants aged 13 and above. For more information about this event, please visit Ayana's official website.

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