Dazzling visual showcase, innovative projects, and global collaborations

Art Jakarta 2023, the international visual arts week, is currently making a lasting impression during its spectacular three-day exhibition from November 17 to 19, 2023, at the prominent convention venue, JIEXPO Kemayoran, in Central Jakarta. The activities are inaugurated with a performance by the TRUST Orchestra. Since its debut as Bazaar Art Jakarta in 2009, the event has continuously evolved, firmly establishing itself as a leading visual arts activity eagerly anticipated by a diverse audience.

Encompassing an expansive exhibition area of 10,000 m2, Art Jakarta 2023 is showcasing remarkable contributions from 68 galleries, including 40 local and 28 international galleries. Maulana Indraguna, CEO of MRA Group, expresses pride in witnessing the growth of Art Jakarta as a cornerstone of dynamic contemporary visual arts.

The three main sponsors, Julius Baer, UOB Indonesia, and Bibit, are adding distinctive elements to Art Jakarta this year. Julius Baer is hosting the Julius Baer Next Generation Art Prize in Asia 2023 at the exclusive Julius Baer VIP Lounge, presenting award-winning works. Meanwhile, UOB Indonesia is curating the UOB Art Space, celebrating the winners of the UOB Painting of the Year with an exhibition of 25 recent works. Bibit, a digital investment platform, is contributing an artistic presence with Syagini Ratna Wulan's "Memory Mirror Palace."

Creative and collaborative projects are taking center stage, introducing new dimensions to Art Jakarta 2023. iForte is presenting a digital visual projection installation titled "NOC//Turne" by Jeffi Manzani. Collaborations between TACO, Blue Label, and MINI with renowned artists are resulting in works seamlessly blending art with unique concepts.

In the AJX presentation, the ASEAN-Korea Partnership Project for Innovative Culture (PIC) and the "Vice Versa" exhibition are providing profound insights into the ASEAN-Korea relationship in visual arts. Portraits of Indonesian artists by Indra Leonardi are further strengthening the creative bonds within visual arts.

The special presentation platform "Spot" is showcasing nine curated works, including "Order of Things" by Jose Santos (Philippines) and "Neither Body nor Soul" by Nipan Oranniwesna (Thailand). The "PLAY by UOB Indonesia" play area, designed specifically for children, is inviting them to explore visual arts through creativity and imagination.

The "SCENE" segment is providing an opportunity for artist collectives and non-profits to creatively raise funds, supported by Art Jakarta, particularly from visual arts communities outside Jakarta, fostering a spirit of collaboration in the art industry.

"AJ TALK," a platform for experts, observers, artists, collectors, and curators, is serving as a forum for sharing knowledge and experiences. Engaging discussions, such as the book launch by Indra Leonardi and a creativity discussion with Evan Wijaya, Agatha Carolina, and Katarina Monika, are adding valuable educational dimensions to this visual arts exhibition.

Art Jakarta 2023 is receiving appreciation from the Director General of Culture at the Ministry of Education and Culture, Ristek Hilmar Farid, who describes it as "a tangible manifestation of tireless innovation in creativity." The new and strategically spacious venue, JIEXPO Kemayoran, is providing the perfect stage for artists and galleries, creating space for exploration and growth in the visual arts ecosystem in Indonesia.

With galleries, special exhibitions, and captivating programs, Art Jakarta 2023 is successfully building positive momentum in the international visual arts scene. The event is not only serving as a meeting place for artists and collectors but also as a celebration of art, strengthening Jakarta's position as a dynamic and creative hub for visual arts. Art Jakarta 2023 is delivering an unforgettable experience, embracing innovation, and celebrating diversity in the realm of contemporary visual arts.

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