Luxury Ski Hotel Stands as Sole Asian Representative in Global Competition

A new luminary in the world of luxury ski accommodations, Setsu Niseko, has achieved a remarkable feat by earning a nomination for the coveted 'Best New Ski Hotel' award at the esteemed World Ski Awards. Developed by the prominent SC Global Developments, Setsu Niseko is among the select few vying for this title, with only seven luxury hotels worldwide in the running. Notably, it proudly represents Asia as the sole Asian nominee in this prestigious competition, adding to the excitement as the winner's announcement draws near.

A Rising Star by SC Global Developments

SC Global Developments, a renowned luxury developer, has added another feather to its cap with the introduction of Setsu Niseko. The exclusive hotel has garnered attention as it competes for the distinguished 'Best New Ski Hotel' award at the globally recognized World Ski Awards. Among the seven carefully chosen luxury hotels worldwide competing for this honor, Setsu Niseko stands out as the only representative from Asia. This nomination speaks volumes about the unparalleled experience that Setsu Niseko offers to its guests, and the relentless pursuit of excellence by its creators. As the anticipation builds, all eyes are on Setsu Niseko, a potential game-changer in the realm of luxury ski accommodations.

Celebrating Past Accolades

Setsu Niseko is no stranger to accolades. Recently, it clinched a spot as a top-three finalist in the 'Travel + Leisure Luxury Awards Asia Pacific 2023', cementing its position as a premier destination in the Japanese Beach and Countryside Hotels category. The year 2022 witnessed another triumph as Setsu Niseko claimed the top prize in the condominium interior design category at the esteemed 16th 'PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards'. This achievement was accompanied by four other regional awards, further validating its unwavering commitment to excellence.

A Haven Amidst Natural Splendor

Nestled in the heart of Japan's renowned skiing haven, Setsu Niseko isn't just a hotel; it's an exquisite experience that seamlessly blends the thrill of skiing with the opulence of top-tier accommodations. Its strategic location offers guests the chance to revel in the breathtaking beauty of the natural landscape while enjoying world-class amenities.

World Ski Awards: A Global Benchmark

The 'World Ski Awards' plays a pivotal role in shaping the ski tourism industry on a global scale. By engaging both ski professionals and the wider audience, the awards offer a comprehensive evaluation of everything from resorts and hotels to chalets and tour operators. The upcoming 11th Annual World Ski Awards, scheduled from June 26 to October 13, 2023, will once again set the stage for industry recognition. During this period, ski enthusiasts, travelers, and the general public will have the opportunity to cast their votes and champion their favorite contender for the prestigious 'Best New Ski Hotel' title.

Make Your Voice Heard

Community participation is integral to determining the ultimate winner of this esteemed accolade. Whether you're an avid skier, an experienced globetrotter, or simply an aficionado of exceptional hospitality, your vote can make a difference. Show your support for Setsu Niseko by casting your vote on the official World Ski Awards website.

Simon Cheong, the visionary founder and Chairman of SC Global Developments, expressed his pride in Setsu Niseko's nomination mere months after its grand opening. Cheong credits the dedicated team at SC Global for this achievement, viewing it as a testament to their unwavering commitment and hard work. As the sole Asian contender in this competitive field, Setsu Niseko's presence is expected to shine a spotlight on Niseko and the burgeoning ski tourism industry in Japan, leaving an indelible impact on a global scale.

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