Art Jakarta 2023 promises a larger exhibition with more exhibitors than the previous year

After a long wait, Art Jakarta is just around the corner. This year, the international contemporary art week is scheduled to take place from November 17th to 19th, 2023, at the prestigious convention location, JIEXPO Kemayoran, in Central Jakarta, as its new venue.

Occupying a combined space in Halls B3 and C3, spanning approximately 10,000 square meters, Art Jakarta 2023 promises a larger exhibition with more exhibitors than the previous year. In total, 68 galleries from Indonesia (40) and abroad (28) will showcase their latest artworks. Foreign galleries are coming from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Japan, Russia, and Australia.

The expanded venue allows Art Jakarta to partner with more sponsors. The three main sponsors of Art Jakarta 2023 are Julius Baer, a leading institution in the world of wealth management with a long tradition as an art patron; UOB Indonesia, a regional banking institution and consistent supporter of the visual arts in Southeast Asia; and Bibit, an award-winning digital investment application that promotes financial literacy throughout Indonesia. These three sponsors are collaborating with talented artists, presenting award-winning and commissioned works premiering at the event.

"We are delighted that Art Jakarta can now be held at the new venue, JIEXPO Kemayoran. We have planted new hopes with this move to a larger location, enabling us to engage in more collaborations and bring larger installation artworks. We are particularly proud of the tremendous support from a host of partners, all presenting projects or collaborative presentations with artists in their respective areas within an integrated space. We believe this year's edition will exceed visitors' expectations. Moreover, international collectors will also attend in larger numbers, given the favorable season in the fourth quarter, compared to our previous summer schedule." – Tom Tandio, Fair Director

This year, Art Jakarta's collaborations with its partners can be categorized into three key areas:

1. Awards

In Art Jakarta 2023, partners will present newly awarded artworks. Julius Baer will unveil new pieces by the winners of the Julius Baer Next Generation Art Prize in Asia 2023 in a dedicated area called the Julius Baer VIP Lounge. UOB, as part of its tradition of collaborating with Art Jakarta, will host the UOB Art Space, showcasing winning artworks from the UOB Painting of the Year competition from Indonesia to Southeast Asia. Additionally, Treasury, a digital platform for physical gold trading, will display the winning artwork of the Treasury Art Prize 2023, titled "Is 'This Artwork' in the Room with Us Right Now?" by Eldwin Pradipta. SUPERLIVE will also present the works of three winners of the SUPERMUSIC-SUPERSTAR competition in a multimedia installation with the theme "Reconstruction The Deconstruction," highlighting the creative process of the artists.

2. Presentations

Special presentations by Art Jakarta's partners include intriguing projects such as "Glass House" by Syagini Ratna Wulan, presented by Bibit. This project is an extension of "Lost Verses," previously showcased at the Venice Biennale 2019. iForte consistently explores the potential of technology in artistic creation, as seen in Jeffi Manzani's "NOC/Turne." TACO, in collaboration with Park Jihyun, presents a Special Edition of the Thomson Series, reimagining the narrative of disposable goods and utilizing a new TACO product set to be released soon. Blue Label exhibits "IN/TOUNGE/IBLE" by Rebellionik, offering an unconventional spatial and sensory experience. Finally, MINI collaborates with Syaiful Garibaldi to showcase "The Mini Musa," a concept of an art car that celebrates the harmony of nature, camouflage, and mimicry using Tillandsia usneoides (Spanish moss).

3. AJX (Art Jakarta X)

A collaborative initiative between Art Jakarta and private institutions or companies to present art collections to the wider public at Art Jakarta. This year, AJX presents the ASEAN-KOREA Partnership Project for Innovative Culture (PIC), displaying artworks by ASEAN-KOREA artists through the ASEAN-KOREA gallery collection to provide insights into the mapping and relationships in the world of ASEAN-KOREA visual arts. Also featured is the Vice Versa exhibition, showcasing portraits of Indonesian artists by Indra Leonardi, taken over the years, with creative responses from artists, illustrating their friendships and collaborative relationships.

In addition to these special presentations with partners, Art Jakarta 2023 features its tried-and-true programs, which have become highlights every year:


The main segment of Art Jakarta welcomes exhibitors, including 40 galleries from Indonesia and 28 international galleries, some of which have been longstanding participants. Art Jakarta is pleased to introduce new exhibitors who have never showcased their work here before.

SPOT This platform presents specially curated art installations designed for the art week. In Art Jakarta 2023, SPOT will display nine curated art installations in public areas, including works by Jose Santos (the Philippines), which involves personal construction-reconstruction, rearranging diverse objects to reframe them as a coded language of past lives, and Nipan Oranniwesna (Thailand), which explores the concept of boundaries and intersections between the two sides of the border in "Neither Body nor Soul" (2018). Both of these artworks are exhibited in Indonesia for the first time.

PLAY by UOB Indonesia

Designed to provide a play area for children, stimulating their creativity, sensitivity, and imagination through various activities. Presented by UOB Indonesia, this year's PLAY is commissioned to Farhan Siki, the winner of the UOB Indonesia Painting of the Year 2022, to create an interactive space titled "Plant a Tree, Plant a Life," where children can explore art through play and imagination.


A special segment for artist collectives and non-profit initiatives to raise funds for their causes. Art Jakarta supports creative fundraising formats, especially for those outside Jakarta, to strengthen the sense of community in the art world.


A platform for experts, observers, artists, collectors, and curators to discuss and share their experiences and knowledge with visitors. Featuring trusted names and exciting figures in the art scene, this segment is an integral part of Art Jakarta. This year, AJ Talk will host events such as the launch of Indra Leonardi's Vice Versa book and Carla Bianpoen's Illuminations book, discussions on the UOB Painting of the Year winners from various countries, and a conversation on creativity with Evan Wijaya (graphic designer) and Samantha K. Jackson (Percolate Galactic).

Tickets for the event will be available starting from November 1, 2023, exclusively at Don't miss the opportunity to experience Art Jakarta 2023 at its new and larger venue, featuring a wealth of exciting art and collaborations.


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