Transitioning from discussions to implementing practical measures and real solutions

The World Water Forum (WWF) convenes every three years, organized by the World Water Council, the Global Water Partnership, and the chosen host nation. Indonesia's selection as the host for the 10th WWF comes with the backing of 30 out of 36 countries affiliated with the World Water Council's Board of Governors, signifying Indonesia's significant role in global sustainable water resource management. Scheduled for May 18 to 25, 2024, in Bali, the 10th WWF represents not just a diplomatic event but also a considerable responsibility for Indonesia. As an archipelagic nation with over 17,000 islands, Indonesia holds a vital stake in effective and sustainable water resource management.

The theme of the 10th WWF, "Water for Shared Prosperity," underscores the importance of global collaboration in ensuring mutual prosperity through water resource management. The organization of the 10th WWF involves three process stages: Thematic Process, Regional Process, and Political Process. Each stage facilitates in-depth discussions on crucial sub-themes, including efforts to mitigate water-related disasters, foster cooperation, engage in hydro-diplomacy, and introduce innovations in financing, knowledge, and technology.

The success of the 10th WWF hinges significantly on Indonesia's preparedness to host a large and multifaceted event with diverse stakeholders from across the globe. The National Organizing Committee (NOC) of the 10th WWF has extended invitations to 44 heads of state/government, 4 heads of international organizations, and 198 ministers or ministerial-level officials responsible for water management worldwide. Moreover, the 10th WWF serves as a crucial platform to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly Goal 6, which pertains to clean water and sanitation for all. Active engagement in this forum will aid Indonesia in fulfilling its SDG commitments more effectively and efficiently.

The 10th WWF presents a unique opportunity for Indonesia to showcase global leadership in devising innovative solutions for water resource management. However, challenges such as the escalating risk of hydro-meteorological disasters, encompassing floods, landslides, and droughts, must be addressed with utmost seriousness.

Indonesia's success as the host of the 10th WWF is anticipated to mark a turning point in global water resource management history. It will spearhead a new era of collective endeavors towards achieving shared prosperity through sustainable water management. Indonesia's earnestness and preparedness in confronting this forum will bolster its standing on the international stage and significantly contribute to advancing water resource management for present and future generations.

Hence, Indonesia stands at a significant juncture to lead global endeavors in conserving and managing water resources for shared prosperity. Through the 10th WWF, Indonesia can offer a meaningful contribution to fostering positive change in global water management, particularly within its own borders.

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