"Experience the triumph of Indonesian culture in 'Purun,' a captivating fashion film celebrating heritage and creativity."

Indonesia's rich cultural heritage and contemporary creativity took the global stage as the fashion film "Purun," directed by Ignatius Raditya Bhramanta and produced by Merdi Sihombing, clinched a prestigious victory at the 2024 PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival - Fashion Film Awards held last February. This remarkable achievement shines a spotlight on the extraordinary talents of Indonesian filmmakers and designers, amplifying their voices on the global scene.

"It is an honor to share our story with the world. I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue what I love. Through this film, I aim to showcase the abundance present on our earth. Even the wild-growing purun plants can be transformed into high-value artistic creations, providing livelihoods for rural communities. Conceptually, the film is akin to a documentary but infused with contemporary touches to create aesthetic cinematography," expressed Ignatius Raditya Bhramanta, the director of "Purun," also known as Bramsky.

"The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia proudly welcomes the outstanding victory of the fashion film 'Purun' at the Melbourne Fashion Festival - Fashion Film Awards 2024," stated Ni Made Ayu Marthini, Deputy Marketing of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy / Indonesian Tourism and Creative Economy Agency. "This achievement not only signifies success for the Indonesian fashion and film industries but also strengthens Indonesia's position on the global stage."

"Purun" tells a poignant tale celebrating the hidden treasure: the purun plant, a natural resource indigenous to Indonesia. Set against the peatlands of South Kalimantan and South Sumatra, the film serves as a report on women's empowerment programs in these areas, funded by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and facilitated by the Peatland Restoration Agency (BRG).

"I am honored to contribute by teaching them traditional craft techniques. With these skills, they can transform the wild-growing purun plants into beautiful high-value everyday products. This creation has the potential to become a sustainable source of income for these communities. Directed by the visionary Bramsky and supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy / Indonesian Tourism and Creative Economy Agency and the Innovation & Creativity Arena of Gadjah Mada University (GIK UGM), 'Purun' invites audiences on a captivating journey, witnessing the blend of cultural heritage, innovative spirit, and breathtaking natural beauty. It showcases how this program has successfully empowered the backbone women of family economies in peatlands by transforming local resources into economic opportunities, ultimately enhancing their well-being," explained Merdi Sihombing, Traditional Fashion Designer, and creator of the film "Purun."

"The victory of 'Purun' is well-deserved. This film captures and leverages the storytelling power of culture, heritage, and a designer collaborating with his community to honor traditional crafts and fibers. The merging of a designer's vision and ancestral skills into a contemporary context," added Caroline Ralphsmith, CEO of the PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival.

"Purun" serves as a creative medium depicting the cultural heritage of women's weaving in peatlands. Adding value to purun by turning it into quality fashion products will support the community's economy in managing sustainable peatland ecosystems," said Nazir Foead, Head of the Peatland Restoration Agency Indonesia 2016-2020.

"GIK UGM extends heartfelt congratulations to the entire 'Purun' film team. This victory demonstrates the remarkable transformative potential when Indonesian creators are given the proper platform and support they deserve. 'Purun' offers more than just beautiful visuals. The film raises awareness about sustainable practices, honors traditional knowledge, and inspires global designers to revisit their cultural roots for innovation. 'Purun' proves that ethical fashion and superior cinematography can go hand in hand. We are excited to see other impactful collaborations that will emerge from Indonesian artists in the future," said Myra Suraryo, CEO Ad-Interim, Innovation & Creativity Arena of Gadjah Mada University (GIK UGM).

This victory underscores the ability of fashion films to transcend borders and ignite global conversations about sustainability, cultural preservation, and the transformative power of design. "Purun" serves as an inspiration for Indonesian creatives, demonstrating the potential to reach international audiences through compelling narratives rich in culture.

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