This extraordinary event serves as a resplendent reminder of the paramount significance of international friendships and collaborations.

On a splendid evening, the Embassy of Germany in Indonesia hosted a magnificent celebration, marking the Day of German Unity at the opulent Kempinski in Jakarta. Her Excellency Ms. Ina Lepel, the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Indonesia, ASEAN, and Timor-Leste, graced the occasion with her opening remarks. Distinguished guests included the Indonesian Minister of Defense, Prabowo Subianto, who represented the Indonesian government at the gracious invitation of the German Embassy in Jakarta, delivering an eloquent address to commemorate the Day of German Unity.

In his welcome speech, Minister Prabowo extended warm congratulations on behalf of the Indonesian government and its people to the Federal Republic of Germany and the entire German nation on their National Day. This heartfelt gesture underscored the profound friendship and mutual respect shared by these two distinguished nations.

Minister Prabowo accentuated the enduring and robust relationship that has flourished between Indonesia and Germany over the years. He shed light on the active involvement of German enterprises in Indonesia's burgeoning economy, an involvement that has significantly bolstered its growth and development. Furthermore, the Minister emphasized that this partnership extended beyond economic interests, highlighting the substantial contributions made by the German government to Indonesia's infrastructural advancement, underscoring the significance of technical collaboration.

Moreover, both Indonesia and Germany stand united in their support for global unity among nations, manifesting their steadfast dedication to international cooperation and peace.

The connection between Indonesia and Germany transcends diplomatic ties, running deep into the fabric of history. Numerous Indonesians have had the privilege of receiving education and training in Germany, with several prominent figures in Indonesian history having been nurtured by the German educational system. For instance, Indonesia's revered third President, B.J. Habibie, was an alumnus of German educational institutions and maintained a profound connection with the German nation throughout his illustrious life.

Minister Prabowo himself reminisced about his educational sojourn in Germany in 1981, expressing enduring admiration for the remarkable achievements and progress of the German people. This personal bond further solidified the indomitable ties between the two nations.

In closing, Minister Prabowo passionately urged both countries to persistently fortify their relations and cooperation with a shared vision of fostering prosperity, peace, and global stability.


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